My own color theme: color-theme-dawn-night is uploaded to the marmalade repository.

I have been spending time to tweak and design my favorite color themes since 2007, and published previous versions (switch-color-theme-matlab-latex.el) on this blog (

I think now it’s a good time to move the package to the more popular host, marmalade, so anyone interested could use the emacs package management tool (package.el) to obtain it. If marmalade is included in your package-archives list (see the code below for this), you should be able to see the package “color-theme-dawn-night” after firing up list-packages.

(setq package-archives '(("gnu" . "")
                          ("marmalade" . "")))

Here is a brief description of the color theme:

color-theme-dawn-night.el contains two customized color themes:

(1) cl-night is a dark-background theme, designed for normal programming, org/muse mode editing and LaTeX editing. The foreground colors are designed to be somewhat aqua, with a bright and warm feeling.

(2) cl-dawn is designed with a bright and warm background. The color setup was inspired by the light yellow background and visual effect of the Matlab programming environment.

Call function switch-dawn-night to change to the dark face, and call C-u switch-dawn-night for the bright background face.

Install the theme: (1)Place color-theme-dawn-night.el into your load-path.

(2)In your .emacs, add: (require ‘color-theme-dawn-night)

(3)optional keybinding (global-set-key [f6] ‘switch-dawn-night)

Here are some screen shots of my color themes.


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