LeechBlock – the killer of timekillers

Procrastination, the time-wasting and beating-around-the-bush type of behavior before any progress could be made on the real important things, is very typical among many people, including me.

I found that visiting my favorite websites before I start working is almost irresistible.

From Matt Might’s Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for academics and Boost your productivity: Cripple your technology, I learned about LeechBlock, which is perfect to block my favorite websites during hours I am supposed to work.

I can set up what to block (for example, http://www.cnn.com), when to block (e.g., 0900-1730), how long to block (e.g., 1 min in every hour), what to show when a page is blocked (for me, I used the Journal of Medical Physics website for most recent articles)

To protect the disciplines from being violated, the LeechBlock is actually designed in a quite tricky and clever way:

  • I can set up password to the Option dialog box of LeechBlock for someone else, like my wife, to help them fighting procrastination together;
  • or I can let LeechBlock to require me to type in a 64 or 32 digit long randomly generated combination of letters and numbers before accessing its Option dialog box, which is really a pain. (see the pictures below)

When the path toward surfing online becomes more difficult to approach, it becomes easier for me to resist the desire to do so.

BTW, I don’t think I need to block IE, because I feel that using IE to surf online is as painful as by-passing the control of LeechBlock :-).

Date: 2012-03-25 17:38:16 Eastern Daylight Time

Author: Da Zhang

Org version 7.8.03 with Emacs version 24

Validate XHTML 1.0


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