italic font in org-mode

I am trying to follow Emacs-fu’s wonderful post on how he use org-mode in various tasks, including note taking and presentation preparation. He mentioned in his post that /word/ in org mode can change the display font into italic (/word/, which seems quite cool. But this did not work for me at the beginning. I did a little research on this issue and found the following problem:
(1) in my own switch-color-theme-matlab-latex.el, which setups several themes I daily use and switch among, the italic was not defined properly: I put too many entries in that face, but ignore the most fundamental one: :slant italic.
(2) the font I am using (Andale Mono) for windows does not work very well with Emacs’s italic display. I changed my default to Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, which is both available in Windows and Linux.

After this changes, the /italic/ works well, and the font actually saves me more display area.


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