Acronis may generate inaccessible folders and files, and the SOLUTION

About a month ago I did a complete backup of my work PC using Acronis, and today I want to restore some important files and folders to my laptop. I tried to use the restore specific files and folders option of the Acronis, but when it started working, it kept quitting and left me some inaccessible folders and files. For example, I tried to restore the Emacs.lnk file to my SendTo folder (under C:\Documents and Settings\username), but it left me a tree of dir which is not accessible, nor removable.

The old school for windows users, if we still remember, should be: "reboot from a CD, access DOS, delete the folders". But the problem with the folders and files generated by the Acronis software is, it denies any access to them. So I did the following trick:

(1) killed the explorer process, in case the folders or files are being used by the Windows system.

(2) opened cygwin command line console

(3) tried to access the files or folders

(4) when permission got denied, I used chmod 777 "filename/folder name" to regain the access

(5) rm or rmdir the files or folders from inside out

(6) start the explorer again from the task manager

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