PACS numbers on literature review

One great tip I learned today: when doing literature review, it is very easy to use the PACS number to find the group of papers together under one PACS number. For example, I found a paper:

author = {Peter J. Winzer},
collaboration = {},
title = {Accuracy of error propagation exemplified with ratios of random variables},
publisher = {AIP},
year = {2000},
journal = {Review of Scientific Instruments},
volume = {71},
number = {3},
pages = {1447-1454},

This paper is from a different area than my own, but its PACS number provides really good information on related topics:
* 06.20.Dk
Metrology, measurements, and laboratory procedures Metrology Measurement and error theory
* 02.30.Mv
Mathematical methods in physics Function theory, analysis Approximations and expansions
* 02.50.Cw
Mathematical methods in physics Probability theory, stochastic processes, and statistics Probability theory

Follow the first PACS link (06.20.Dk), I found the following list of publications very useful:


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